Vibrational Healing

Vibrational Healing Therapy is a deep relaxation technique that brings serenity and balance to the human bio-field so that emotional and physical healing can naturally occur. 

With Breath of Love Yoga, I combine the healing benefits of sound, energy and yin yoga to create restoration through a unique integrative experience.

As a certified Reiki practitioner, experienced sound healer and yoga instructor, I offer an integrative energetic healing approach through Breath of Love Yin Yoga. Through the use of Reiki, healing frequencies, yoga, and Earth medicine, we are able to initiate physical and emotional release, ultimately creating healing and transformation in our lives. 

Who wants to feel more magnetic in the present moment?


Many of the things that lead us to feel stuck are actually bits and pieces of the past. Emotions and habitual patterns that have been stored in the DNA for lifetimes and many generations can finally be processed in a way that leads to personal growth and spiritual wisdom.

Did you know that you can manifest miracles and magic in your life, just by surrendering and listening to the quiet voice of your own body?

 For more information contact Erica Blackmon to book an energy healing session!

Botanical Oracle Medicine New! 

Find clarity and guidance along your life journey' Erica specializes in connecting with plant spirits and divine consultation as a form of wayfinding. Through the use of symbolism and story we are able to make connections in order to reveal meaning and clarity within our life experiences. Readings are always held in sacred space and aim to empower individuals to make choices with clear vision that will be of service to their highest good.  Oracle readings are held virtually via zoom. 


“My sound healing session with Erica was exactly what I needed to feel aligned within myself. She tailored the session through her intuitive practice to serve my highest good.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift, Erica!” 

—  Dylan

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