What is the human energy field?

You may have heard it referred to as the aura, the human biofield, the energy body, etc. You may also be familiar with some of the components of the energy field called the 7 chakras, the meridians, or nadis.


Everything is made of energy and vibrates at a certain frequency, even though these energies may not always be visible to the naked eye. There have been however many gifted  intuitives over the centuries who have been able to see, feel, or even hear the vibrations of the energy that moves throughout the human body and all living things. In fact, all of us carry special gifts that allow us to tap into the energy of our own bodies as well as the energy of others. We are actually doing it all the time subconsciously. The key to healing through the energy body is simply fine tuning our senses to enable ourselves to work with these energies with conscious intent. Let’s get a little more familiar with one of the most well-known energetic healing systems: the chakras. To download a free Chakra Chart that details where each is located in the body along with energetic components of each chakra, click the button below.

Energy Currents


Our major energy currents flow up and down the body through the spine.That which is received from the bottom of the feet flows towards the crown while that which is received from the top will flow towards the base.


The Path of Manifestation - Thoughtforms work their way down through the chakras until they hit the base chakra. An idea becomes a picture in the mind, then words spoken, an action expressed, a result produced.


The Path of Liberation - This pathway moves from the base of the spine upward. Along this pathway, that which is bound to a form is gradually freed from the form to encompass greater scope and abstraction. Thus we burn wood to produce fire and heat, and the light of that fire lives on in our minds.


Both of these currents must be equally developed for a person to be fully functional in today’s society.


The third and fourth current is created by the combination of the first two. These currents of reception and expression that occur through the chakras themselves as they interact with the outside world. You can think of the tube as having little holes in it like a flute. The holes that are covered or open dictate the overall sound that the flute makes. Likewise the open the closed chakras create the overall sense of self that present to the rest of the world. What is blocked off can neither received nor express. In order to make different sounds, we want to consciously control the opening and closing of each chakra.


Understanding Blockages


When a chakra is blocked it can be either excessive or deficient. If a chakra is closed, or deficient, this means that it may have very little energy flowing through it.


A deficient chakra is locked in a restrictive pattern  meaning that it is habitually blocking incoming stimulation. This usually means that the kind of activity associated with that chakra is also blocked in one’s life.


An excessive chakra is blocked, but for different reasons. Energetically, an excessive chakra does not know how to let go. The restrictive pattern with an excessive chakra actually prevents energy from being expressed.

When one chakra is blocked it creates blockages in the central stream of energy through the body. When the upward or downward current cannot be completed, other chakras may become undernourished that may otherwise not be blocked.


What blocks a chakra?


Generally speaking, programming from childhood experiences and cultural values causes our chakras to be blocked. A child who gets beaten by his parents learns to shut out his body sensations. A child who is emotionally neglected shuts down the emotional second chakra. A culture that denies sexuality and promotes obedience to authority forces us to shut down our second and third chakras accordingly.Noise pollution, unattractive surroundings, or lies make us shut down our fifth, sixth, and seventh chakras respectively. The pain of unrequited love teaches us to close our heart. Basically, past pain or stress, whatever its source, affects the healthy functioning of the chakras.






Benefits of Vibration Healing

Vibrational healing is one of the most effective methods for understanding and gently healing energetic blockages in the body. Through vibrational healing, we find that the memories and stories of our lives are carried around with us in our aura. The energy of our parents and birth experiences are often found on the outer edges of the field while more recent experiences are found closer to the body. These stories and memories make up the vibration we send out into the world around us and ultimately create our point of attraction. 

When something traumatic happens to us, these events can become compartmentalized. I often see these trouble spots as a pattern that is stuck on repeat. This type of energetic imbalance may lead to energetic syndromes such as Paper Doll Syndrome (read more about energetic syndromes here). Through the use of healing frequencies and intuitive guidance, we are able to identify and release these stuck or fragmented energies, ultimately integrating them back into the whole.

Are you ready to raise your vibration and come into allignment with your most authentic self?
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