Ceremonial Cacao: Reflections

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Cacao Ceremony February 2019

Last year I was able to try a few different samples of ceremonial cacao for the first time. I enjoyed it and received benefit from it, but was not quite sure if I could pinpoint what aspects were coming from the drink experience itself. I've come to see experiencing the effects of new plant spirits as a learning process. I have to go into a curious and observant mode. The first time consuming any entheogen may seem to either take little or no effect. However, typically after a second or third experience, you become more acquainted with how you and the particular plant vibe together. You will eventually be able to identify which spiritual or emotional shifts are being directly supported or enhanced by the plant spirit.

During the last few days of this rising energy of the current super moon, I've been consuming ceremonial cacao. My internal shifts were much more noticeable than ever before. I find ceremonial cacao to be very soothing, gentle, and supportive. It seems to softly break dark things loose, allowing them to slowly float to the surface.

Then Lady Cacao says,

Okay now what are you going to do with all of that?


Last month with our full moon aura cleanse, a brand new pathway formed. I felt as if doors were opening left and right. There was nothing more that I needed to do now but to show up. To love myself, to be, accept what is and hope for the best. Everything seemed to be working out no matter how stressful the circumstances appeared to become.

I constantly felt myself giving in, taking the path of least resistance. Why not? I don't care to live in fight or flight anymore. There was no where else to flee too. I had arrived and I was choosing to stay.

Staying with the present moment meant digesting difficult emotions. There are certain emotions that occur in us that we, as well as others don't approve of. Some emotions that frighten us. So we shove them deep down and jam them into other people's energy fields without even realizing it. A lot of the time, the people who absorb the blows are the ones trying to love us. We too suffer from physical pain and discomfort in the body where negative or dense energies are being stored.

February has been an interesting year. For me, winters are really tough. I love being warm, barefoot wherever I go, and having my hands in dirt at least once or twice a day. February brought me those one or two 70 degree days that made me want to throw myself directly into spring and just be done with this anxious feeling of dormancy. Maybe I was just experiencing withdrawals from “productivity”. I'm still coming to terms with the idea that rest is okay. Not only is rest okay, but its absolutely necessary and inseparable from the natural process of life itself.

So I've been taking my time, indulging a bit in the cacao experience. I think she can teach us that there isn't really this huge need to purge, purify, and self sacrifice anymore. Maybe the world doesn't need anymore martyrs. Yet there is so much work that can be done, love that can be shared, and experiences that can be transformed and shifted just by being true to who you are in each moment. The light that shines through when you feel free to show up as your true authentic self, is immeasurable. It's the true bliss and ecstatic states of joy that we are sometimes afraid to experience due to the daunting fear of losing that experience. We live in a world that has force fed us short lived highs for so long, we’ve forgotten how to cultivate long lasting fulfillment and joy. We have actually forgotten how to rest, and how to dream ourselves awake.

Our vibration essentially comes down to the stories (dreams) we carry around with us. The third eye center has really come into focus over these last few days. Things may have seemed a little chaotic and split at first glance, but over the course of this month, every detail seems to be coming to light. The ability to see “the big picture” is very heightened right now. Full Moon in Virgo seems to be saying, what vision do you choose for your life? What needs to be removed from the periphery? And I am reminded that where there is light, there is darkness. And that's okay too.

I am still overwhelmingly grateful to those who supported our cacao ceremony this past weekend, whether with your physical presence or with simply your love. I look forward to sharing so much more over the course of the year from spiritual experiences to upcoming gardening adventures.

Happy Full Moon!

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