Intuitive Healing Sister Circle

Join us to learn and explore intuitive healing, energy work, herbs for self care, fun DIY projects, full moon rituals, and girl's trips that will help us connect and nurture our deep need for, healthy relationships with other women. Our goal is to bring women together of all ages in order to learn, share, and grow in the realm of spiritual and intuitive healing through natural elements and creative arts.

The purpose of this group is to build a community of women who feel confident expressing themselves and creating more authentically and positively in their personal lives and world. There is so much wisdom to be shared, varying from organized presentations to simple sister circle discussions over tea.

Each gathering may have a different theme and focus but we will begin all meetings by coming together in a sacred circle for a short meditation. The following is a list of topics I look forward to discussing with you all in the coming months:

-Working with the 7 Chakras -Making Herbal Body Butters and Salves -Herbal Tea Blending -Crystal Healing -Ancestral Healing: Owning Your Story -Yoni Steaming -Full Moon & New Moon Ritual -Day Trips -Intuitive Painting -Intuitive Writing -Dream Symbols & Interpretation -Animal Totems -Energy Healing & Gift Sharing -Yoga & Chi Gong -Nature Excursions

Please bring a journal and pen to take notes. I recommend a notebook or journal designated specifically for this meetup group as journaling will be a regular practice in our gatherings.

There is no fee for this group however some individual events or classes may require payment. This will be noted ahead of time whenever that is the case.

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