New Moon Meditation

As the new moon in Libra approaches on October 8th, it feels appropriate to share this meditation. New moon is a time of initiation, new beginnings, and planting seeds. It’s time to go inward, nurture yourself, release old patterns, set new intentions, and start new projects. What would you like to draw into your life? The dark moon bring us back to a place of embracing emptiness. It reminds us that emptiness does not have to be bad or sorrowful, but simply an expression of the great void. The great mystery of the unknown which holds all potential and limitless possibilities.

Its also Venus retrograde y'all. So that means that from October 5 until November 16 we'll be reviewing and redefining our love relationships. Old romances my sneak up on you for review. This is a great time to focus holding space for yourself and others.

We must first allow a space to be empty, in order for it to be filled.


Concentrate now on slowing down your breathing. Close your eyes, focus on the breath, as you inhale and exhale. Take a deep breath in...and slowly exhale.

Now, can you send your breath throughout your body? Where do you find empty spaces in your life?

Is there anything that you would like to feel, like to be doing, or experiencing?

What could help you to create a greater sense of wholeness and fulfillment in your life?

Perhaps you have experienced long periods of loss or disconnection. Locate the spaces in your life that feel empty. Let’s first take a few moments to allow that space to be empty.

If any negative emotions arise associated with this emptiness, release them now. Allow those feelings to dissolve into the unknown.

Once you have located that space of emptiness in your body, visualize this space in your energetic field. It begins to glow with a radiant light. What color is the light? What is the shape?

Watch as this space now transforms into a beautiful glowing vessel. It may be lined with gold or decorated with gemstones. What does your vessel look like?

You may naturally have the urge to fill this vessel with water, or perhaps wine, but let’s continue to allow our vessels to be empty. Allow this space to be and expand throughout your body as you focus on the breath.

In your mind’s eye, gaze down through the opening of your vessel. Peer into an infinite darkness. One by one the darkness begins to glitter with stars and distant galaxies. You are greeted here by the infinite possibilities of the Universe.

As we draw to an end of this meditation, don’t try to fill your vessel on your own.

You may want to wish on a shooting star. Send out prayers for that which you would like to draw into existence.

Yet tonight we are encouraged to simply allow space for a new life to happen.

Amen aho, and so it is!

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