November 2018: Shine Your Light of Authenticity

Embrace your authentic self.

Be real.

Call in your highest self.

What does that even mean in 2018?

Working with The Enchanted Map oracle cards have revealed authenticity as a major theme for November. The Spirit of Place Card asks us how being authentic- or being inauthentic has effected us in past. How did we get here? Do we feel free to express our true selves?

How many of us have faced suffering and persecution for attempting to embody our authentic selves? How many of us faced torture, or death in past lives as punishment for embracing our authentic selves? This is deep stuff. We live in a society that is deeply inauthentic and we are constantly faced with situations that call for us to be consciously inauthentic.

So I know what you're thinking when I say that its time to go forth and share those aspects of yourself you have kept hidden.

The world isn't set up for that.

And maybe your right. But we are the ones who are here to change that. There are parts of us that would be better shared with the collective for the highest good of all. We have clung to those versions of ourselves that were known as acceptable and safe for much too long.

Ride the wave.

The Ride the Wave card is in a place that represents the potential of the present moment. When I see this card I expect to face things that may at first appear as obstacles, but as soon as my soul decides to feel my way through it, these waves bring me to a much better place of integration. People and circumstances are coming out of the ocean of potential and possibility. If you have been resisting being truly heard or seen, it is limiting your potential. We are now entering a time of abundance and opportunity. Where these opportunities lead will be entirely up to you and your willingness to move with the ebbs and flows.

Intuition. We are free to follow our authenticity and intuition even though we live in a world of illusion that teaches us that we are not free. If you are second guessing your intuition or receiving mixed messages, be patient with yourself. It takes time to deconstruct thousands of years of limited programming. Sometimes even our intuition needs to be filtered. You choose which voice to listen to. Your intuition also may lead you to places that at first seem illogical and I understand that this can be confusing.

If only I had a dollar for every time I've followed my intuition, then hit a wall, crying out in desperation, "I just don't understand"......

However, the beautiful truth is that we are not always meant to understand. This is an old construct. It is the construct that has been used to teach humans that we are supposed to categorize and label people places and things. That we are supposed to know all of the information about a subject in order to be worthy of accomplishment. Attempting to know everything actually creates unrealistic limitations. We aren't supposed to know everything. Maybe we aren't supposed to know anything.

I don't know anything.

Wow! That just freed me from a ton of unnecessary responsibilities and illusion of control.

When we lack understanding of a thing, we are given the auspicious opportunity to reclaim mystery. Within the mystery of life is where the magic of limitless possibilities unfold.

In order to reclaim our own mystery, to truly allow our authenticity to unfold like the lotus flower, we must first know ourselves (and allow ourselves to be known). By knowing yourself I don't mean defining or limiting yourself, but by becoming aware of how closely your actions are aligning with your deepest desires and soul purpose. We can only be authentic to the degree that we are self aware.

Modern society attempts to mold people,which ultimately creates copies and kills authenticity. Instead we should be unfolding. Blooming. Revealing the mystery that already lies within. Your authenticity is in the stories that have been passed down through your blood and DNA. Those stories come alive as all that you and your ancestors have ever been interacts with all that you have the potential to heal and to become. As we step into November and begin our journey into the darkness of winter, I hope that you all will continue to nurture your light. If you don't feel safe being yourself, I am here to help create that safe container where it is okay to do so.


I honor that place in you which the entire Universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of lobe, of truth, of light and of peace.

When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me we are One.


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