Remedy of Love

Remedy of Love

An intuitive blend from this morning’s meditative writing.

Rose hips

Pink rose bud

Jasmine flower

White penny

Wild yam

I knew that I was in love when I felt safe in my own skin.

Not because he protected me, or that he was always around.

But because he existed, he lived, he breathed. Somehow he dwelled inside of the dream I had drifted into.

He walked the Earth.

Because, when I met him I could see that he loved.

I had been searching for a man, not one who loved me.

Just one who loved.

Who felt things as deeply as I did.

Who examined life in search of its beauty.

One who had gone deep into darkness for the sake of love, being swallowed whole by it.

By being swallowed whole, broken down, completely decomposed.

Determined to rise from the aftermath as a transformed being.

One who understood how to love a creature like me.

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