Scorpio Full Moon May 2019

As this Scorpio Full Moon is upon us this weekend, it is time to reflect and lean in. What layers still need to be shed in order to reveal your most authentic self? Are you open to just how much love you can really have for yourself?

Reflecting on Taurus New Moon earlier this month will give us insight into what we will harvest during this next phase. What seeds were planted and what issues arose for you? Taurus rules finances, abundance, and sensuality - at times indulgence. Whatever anxieties or fears that were triggered during New Moon will be culminating so that they can come to a head to be cleared.

Scorpio is a power sign. In what ways are you resisting your own power? In what ways are you giving it away? It's time to face your fears. Psychologically, by facing our greatest fears we experience a process of dying to a previous version of self. The scorpion must also shed its skin. Next emerges the new you that has been forming, healing and growing underneath. By facing our fears we can transcend them in order to experience greater sense of personal freedom and power.

How much insight were you able to gain into your own shadow during New Moon? Unresolved issues often intensify as we approach Full Moon. This is not to bring out the worst in you, but to bring any unresolved stuff to the forefront to encourage resolution. It is important to remain calm and receptive to the illumination of the feminine within as well as without.

During Taurus New Moon this month you may have been faced with the duality of pleasure and pain. How is your pain preventing you from reconnecting with the truth of who you are? Transformational times in life often force us to make peace with our pain. We have become unaware that so much of our lives are governed by our attempts to avoid pain. We close our hearts and begin to hide our authentic self. We want to protect this precious treasure. However, when we attempt to live in the world with hearts closed, fear and pain become the foundation of our very existence. Many of us do this unconsciously.

Where did the pain come from? Our deepest and darkest wounds are often not originally our own. This pain, or memory of pain may have been passed down through blood and DNA, generation after generation. One day, someone says or does something that triggers this memory of pain. We may not even be aware as to where that pain is coming from but we understand early on that it doesn't feel good. We often begin to close at a very early age in search of experiences that feel better than the ancestral pain that is being triggered within us. We walk around most of our lives attempting to avoid pain not realizing that our trauma is running the show. Yet as we come of age we can come to an understanding that the worst pain we can experience is triggered by what is already stored and ingrained within us. When we are no longer afraid of ourselves and our own darkness, only then will become free.

Are you living fully embodied? For some of us body awareness may come easy while for others it may take a bit of practice. Grounding yourself through body awareness practices such as yoga and earthing are great ways to reconnect with yourself physically. Not only have we spent our lives avoiding or numbing our inner pain, our bodies have also become numb to the constant stress it has adapted too. Close your eyes and move your consciousness into your feet. Is your energetic body fully present? Do you need to lure your soul back into your body? Imagine wiggling the toes of your energetic body. Do they move in harmony, extending freely through your physical body? Or do you feel as if they are all scrunched up and disconnected from your physical feet, as if wearing uncomfortable flesh boots?

Some of us are only present in our bodies from the neck up. Our culture puts so much emphasis on the higher masculine chakras that we have forgotten that grounding must come first and in balance with the feminine, lower chakras. There are aspects of our being that may have experienced such pain (perhaps for many lifetimes) that those parts attempt to retract and hide or flee from the confines of the body. Masculine dominant spirituality can lead us to become stuck in our head, overly intellectual and in turn totally disconnected from the Feminine aspects of our being. Haven't we as a society become obsessed with light in turn afraid of darkness? However, it is important that both light and darkness be loved in order to create gentleness and safety for those seeking peace.

This Scorpio Full Moon you can:

+Free yourself from the fear of rejection by accepting yourself as your are.

+Free yourself from the fear of losing control by letting go.

+Invite your soul back into your body.

+Weed out all that is not you from the garden of your life.

And remember, all burdens eventually get heavy enough that we must set them down and move forward. You are a miracle, a star embodied on Earth! Your soul deserves to shine.

Happy Full Moon!

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